What does Prevent Algae liquid do?

Prevent Algae liquid reduces the level of soluble phosphate in aquarium water, which is a major contributor to algae problems. 

Is Prevent Algae liquid safe with plants and invertebrates? Can it be used in freshwater and marine aquariums?

Yes,  Prevent Algae liquid is safe with live plants and invertebrates, and can be used in any aquarium, marine or freshwater. 

Should I remove the carbon from my filter when treating with Prevent Algae liquid? Should I turn off my UV or ozone?

No, there is no need to remove carbon when treating with Prevent Algae liquid. There is no need to turn off UV or ozone devices. 

I used Prevent Algae liquid and my water went cloudy. Is this a problem? Will it clear?

Prevent Algae liquid can cause slight temporary cloudiness as the phosphate comes out of the water; this is harmless and will settle out quickly.